Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Find your path through Career Coach!

Take a visit to this FREE career tool that helps you search for all kinds of different connections to help guide you on the career path that suits you!

When you log into Career Coach you get to:
  • Explore Careers:
    • Research different career interests
    • Learn the tasks needed for specific careers
  • Check Data:
    • Explore how well a specific job pays
    • See which companies are hiring
  • Choose a Path:
    • Explore different degrees/majors that lead to a specific career path
Take advantage of this helpful tool to guide you to your professional development outside of your life here at Bloomsburg. Career Coach will help you in your transition from student to professional in no time!

Visit https://bloomu.emsicareercoach.com to get started!
-Taylor Ziegler '17

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