Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Study Abroad is a career-enhancing experience

Study abroad offers students formidable career-enhancing experiences and new perspectives vital to personal growth. Rapid globalization in economics, arts and culture, science, and education means that students with significant immersion abroad will get better jobs and have richer lives—which is a statistical fact.

Husky Abroad ... over winter session

  • Costa Rica — Follow Kylie Goodling as she studies abroad at Latin University in Heredia.
  • Spain — Follow Racquel Kreischer as she studies at Instituto Mediterr√°neo Sol Granada in Granada.
  • Poland — Follow Alexandra Miller as she studies abroad at Jagiellonian University in Krak√≥w.

Husky Abroad ... this summer?

  • China — Explore Beijing from May 21 through June 11, visit major cultural and historic sites including Forbidden City, Great Wall,
    Tiananmen Square, the National Museum, traditional and modern neighborhoods, gift stores and more. Taste authentic Chinese foods, learn Taichi, cooking and martial arts in cultural lectures. Learn Chinese and communicate with Chinese students and people on the streets!
  • Norway — Explore Norway’s physical and cultural landscapes from May 23 through June 12, hike along the Arctic Circle, visit a glacier, up close and personal. Discover Norway’s stunning geology. Consider Norway’s transformation from one of Europe’s poorest to one of its richest countries. Travel the country by train, foot, ferry, and car. Experience the majesty of Norway’s fjords, by ferry. Explore Norway’s three largest cities, and see artifacts of the Viking world, including a 1000-year-old ship.


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