Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ease your interview anxiety

People of all ages get interview anxiety. You have to wear the right clothing, speak the part, act confident and be a complete professional. Most of us get nervous when preparing for an interview because those qualities of a good interviewee is hard to remember all at once! Well, guess what? You have a chance to learn the nuts and bolts of interviewing and how to be prepared for those internship interviews or job interviews out in the real world! The Interviewing 101 50-minute virtual webinar on Dec. 5 can help you with just that as well as give you a free "Interviewing Toolkit" made by BU's Center for Professional Development and Career Experience.

This virtual webinar workshop is available for a full 48 hours starting on Monday, Dec. 5. RSVP at and receive the webinar link!
-Taylor Ziegler '17

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