Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Husky interns with NYC recording studio

Senior Audio/Video Recording major Brandon Shoop had the experience of a lifetime over the summer when he interned with Quad Recording Studios in New York City. “I actually worked in a real studio, and I worked with very popular artists,” Shoop said. “It gave me that extra experience as an engineer in and out of big sessions. I expanded my knowledge of outboard gear, consoles, microphones and other audio gear.”

One memorable experience, Shoop noted, was getting to meet DJ Khaled as he worked on his ninth studio album "Major Key" in the studio. “You’re not just sitting in a classroom and reading off of a chalkboard,” Shoop said. “You get to spend time in the studios and actually get a firm understanding of the craft, how much you need to know to get better, and become a better engineer.”

Shoop's internship experience was not uncommon of Bloomsburg students. You can land your own dream internship by checking out all that is available to you through Husky Career Link. Log on today at http://tinyurl.com/huskycareers to check out all the internship opportunities you could participate in this upcoming summer.


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