Thursday, September 1, 2016

What is Husky Career Link?

When looking into professional development or the various different career experience events available to you on campus, you will always be asked to sign up on Husky Career Link. However, most aren't really aware of exactly what Husky Career Link is and how it can benefit us as students of Bloomsburg University.

First off, what is Husky Career Link? Husky Career Link is a very useful website where you are able to get involved with professional development experiences and plan for your life after graduation. On this site you are able tor register for upcoming workshops and events, research and apply for internships and full time positions, schedule a one-on-one appointment with a career coach to help improve your resume or get prepared for job applications, as well as participate in mock interviews. These are just some of the many different resources available to you through Husky Career Link.
Now, all of these different functions are great, but what good is it if you aren't able to actually navigate the site? What's awesome about Husky Career Link, is that after logging in from with your Husky ID and password, the site will immediately begin assisting you in putting together a profile by prompting you to upload a photo, include your resume, and fill out a person statement, to name a few. After completing your profile you will find that some of the most useful tools available to you are located on the left side of the screen in the maroon box. By clicking on the different tabs you can be redirected to any area of the site you wish to visit, including signing up for upcoming events, growing and managing your professional network, searching for possible future employers, and so much more.

My personal favorite function of Husky Career Link, is that based on the information and preferences you provide, you will receive different internship and job recommendations. The best part is that you are linked right to the website where you can apply for these positions, which is a good way to save some time when looking for that summer internship!

-Katelyn Caralle '16

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