Thursday, September 22, 2016

Think About How Recruiters Will Look at You Next Friday!

A recruiter will decide whether or not to take you seriously in the first five or 10 minutes of meeting you. Students who attend the fall Career Connections Expo should plan ahead to dress to impress. Professional dress is required to be admitted into the expo. So what is professional dress? A variety of styles is appropriate for attending job fairs or interviewing, ranging from formal business suits to business casual wear, depending on the industry.

Do’s: Blouse, tie, dress shoes (appropriate heels), blazer, slacks
Don’ts: Flip-flops, shorts, wrinkled clothing, t-shirts that blare inappropriate slogans.

I know it is hard to get all of the right professional attire while still in school and still developing your professional self. However, Bloomsburg has a Career Closet where you can go to in order to get all of the appropriate clothes for any important event! The Career Closet, which is located at the Fenstemaker Alumni House, has gently used items which have been donated by faculty, staff, alumni and parents to assist students in putting together a professional outfit to wear for interviewing or attending job fairs. Each student is eligible for one entire free outfit. You have to call 570-389-0458 and make an appointment to visit the Career Closet and you need to bring your student ID.

Students who sign up to attend the expo will receive a booklet, which includes tips on dressing professionally, to help you prepare and make the expo a successful experience or you can find the information at
-Taylor Ziegler '17

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