Monday, January 4, 2016

What are your plans for this summer?

Vacation, friends, catching up on school work? Why not do all three! Check out these study abroad opportunities:

Cameroon-Ethiopia — Bloomsburg University is offering a study abroad opportunity in Africa, and it is the perfect way for you to get ahead in your courses and have fun while doing so. The trip, which runs from May 8 through June 6, allows students to explore Cameroon and Ethiopia, while experiencing their rich culture.
In addition to receiving three to six credits towards graduation, students will be able to take a variety of courses, including: Gender and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, Multicultural Education, Natural Hazards and Disasters and Urban Practicum for Elementary and Primary Education for pre-service Teachers. Contact Ekema Agbaw at for more information.
Last summer, did you learn a new language or experience a different culture? If not, you will this summer!

Morocco — Bloomsburg University is offering a study abroad opportunity in Fez, Morocco. From May 18 through June 10, students will learn the Arabic language, experience Moroccan culture, enjoy their amazing cuisine and earn six credits; all at once! And if that isn’t enough, this awesome trip includes two excursions full of the customs and traditions of the Middle East. This is too good to pass up! Contact Yahya Laayouni at for more information.

China — Jing Luo and Vera Viditz-Ward are taking students to China from May 15 through June 11. There is an informational meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. in Old Science Hall 220. Everyone is welcome and all questions will be answered.
Explore Beijing and Xian, modern and historical capital cities. Live and study at Minzu University and Shaanxi Normal University. Visit Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, and Yanan Base of Communist Revolution. Learn Chinese language, martial art, folkloric singing, authentic foods, communicate with Chinese students, build a collection of digital photography, and more. Earn six credits toward graduation. Contact: Jing Luo at
Program fee includes international airfare, ground travel in China, visa, admissions, hotel and meals, registration, international medical insurance. Courses include Digital Photography (3GEP) - learn how to reflect life and culture through digital camera, and China Today (3GEP) - learn about China’s history, art, modern society and economic transformation.

London — Leaving around May 17 to 19, returning around June 8 to 9. Visit London this summer and earn six credits doing it! Program fee includes: Airfare, travel to and from airport in London, tickets to plays, trip to Stratford (Shakespeare’s home), accommodation in London’s West End. Tuition for six credits is not included. Contact: Scott Lowe at

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