Thursday, December 3, 2015

Resolve to spiff up the professional you for the New Year!

While we are all anxiously looking forward to winter break to get out from under the dreaded to-do list, that time away from campus is also a great opportunity to catch up on other things. Over this upcoming break why not get ready for the real world that is coming before you know it! Here is a list of things to get the “Professional U” in shape for the year ahead:

  • Build your professional LinkedIn profile as well as cleaning up ALL OTHER social media accounts! No one wants to have some scary Facebook or Twitter post haunting them while job searching!
  • Start taking professional photos for a head shot in order to make your social media outlets look more appealing.
  • GO SHOPPING! Gather all kinds of professional attire such as; blazers, suites, professional footwear, blouses and some nice dress pants! You won’t regret buying professional attire when you get called for a job interview.
  • Don’t forget to KEEP UP WITH YOUR RESUME. Update it as much as you can, each semester with any new jobs, awards, etc.
  • Keep internship searching on Husky Career Link and making sure you are applying to as many as possible, put yourself out there and give yourself options!
  • Lastly, build your profile on Husky Career Link and set it up so it sends you alerts on internships and/or job opportunities! This can make your life a lot easier, trust me.

Go to for more info on these topics. Don’t let this winter break slip away. Use it to begin building your successful future!

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