Saturday, July 25, 2015

Computer science program preps student for internship

No need to wait until senior year to get an internship on your resume, according to Brian Fekete, a computer science major. In fact, he says the earlier the better... even the summer following your sophomore year.

"My goal was to get an internship as early as possible," said Fekete, who is interning at the Lincoln Financial Group in Greensboro, N.C., as a part of its web hosting team. "This opportunity will help me decide on what career path I want to pursue, whether it's web system administration or software engineering."

Fekete is assisting LFG's web team manage its web systems administration using Puppet and Ruby programming languages. Getting a chance to work directly with two different coding programs in a real-world setting, according to Fekete, was not intimidating because of exposure he already received in the classroom.

"BU's computer science program taught me how to be proficient in more than one language," Fekete said. "This gave me the ability to learn new languages faster."

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