Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Choosing A LinkedIn Profile Picture

Let's talk about profile photos - I'm sure many of us, including me, have some type of social media that calls for a profile picture. We don't have to have one, but we always choose to upload one of ourselves, us with our friends or very goofy photos because who doesn't want to know what you look like? Then we have our professional social medias. I can't say I have the most professional look to any of my personal social media outlets, but when it comes to LinkedIn or Google+, I always choose a professional headshot or photo of myself with a nice smile and dressed professionally. In this case, it's certainly all about looks.

Writer of Times, Jesse Militare, tells you why smiling makes for a great profile picture.

What do I mean by professionally dressed? I mean I'm not dressed in my summer-time bathing suit, making a goofy face, or wearing casual clothing. I am either wearing business causal or business professional clothing. Don't forget that genuine smile!

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