Wednesday, March 4, 2015



Welcome to Bloomsburg University's new Professional U Newsletter. Our names are Charlotte Lotz and Olivia Werner, and we are graduate assistants in the Center for Professional Development and Career Experience (CPDCE) in Room 201,Warren Student Services Center.  The CPDCE was created when the University recently combined the Career Development Center and Academic Internships in support of a new campus wide initiative called Professional U. The mission of Professional U is to provide a career experience for every student, each year until graduation.  Professional U is all about helping you to be prepared to land a career as soon as you graduate.

Look out for future posts about all kinds of Professional U activities and opportunities, and be sure to check out our Twitter @BUProfessionalU and hashtags #ProfessionalU #huskiesgethired for upcoming events on campus. Feel free to stop by the CPDCE located in the Warren Student Service Center, at the top of the steps above Roongo's, for more information or to make an appointment with us for help with choosing a career, job shadowing opportunities, academic internships, resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies and alumni networking.

Be sure to check out the Professional U website for more information! 

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